Point system

What is the point system?

It is a system that we give back to each member as a point that can be used for items of Budo or sports insurance fee from the membership fee paid.

  • 1,000 points will be added for each monthly payment of membership fee.
  • However, points are not given to those who below primary school students.
  • You can exchang at points as shown in the following table. If you have any other requests, we will add it.
items point
Dougi(practice wear) 3,000
Hakama(Aikido skirt) 6,000
Tabi(Aikido socks) 1,600
name embroidery under consideration
Bokuto(wood sword) 3,000
Jo(wood stick) 3,600
sports insurance(general) 2,000
sports insurance(below high school student) 1,000