Q1. Can anyone join in?

Yes. Anyone can join.
We have been participated in by the people of a elementary school fourth grader and also seventies.
We try to teach according to the characteristics of each person.
For those who are not confident in physical fitness, those with disabilities in the body, please feel free to contact us.

Q2. What kind of clothing is suitable for practicing?

Any kind of clothing is going to be okay.

At first it is fine to move, such as jersey or sweat.
I think whether it is better to arrange a dojo-wear and a hakama in accordance with your progress.

Q3. How much does it costs?

Anual insurance (general ¥2,000 , under junior-high ¥1,000)

Monthly fee (general ¥2,000 , under elementary students FREE)

Please pay the insurance and fee when you join us.

Whenever, seeing is free.

Q4. Do you have a parking lot?

There is a free parking lot on the premises at Tohka junior-high school and Sanhonmatsu citizen center.

Q5. 所属している団体はありますか?

We, Senshinkai does not belong to any faction at present.

The technique is based on Mr. Yoshinori Kono’s traditional martial arts.

Originally, this assosiation was launched as a research and practice to understand the Aiki that our teacher (Fumio Mori sensei: Senryukai) was studied.

Therefor we do not impose a grade test, we measure as to whether we can use aiki- techniques.

Since neighborhoods are quite different from other organizations, please consider joining in on your understanding.



会発足の元々は、私(平田)の先生(故 森文夫先生:潜龍会)が研究されていた合気について理解するための研究稽古会として開始しました。





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