Sanhonmatsu citizen center Japanese stlye room

3-23-1,Tsutsumimachi, Aoba-ku, Sendai-shi


General (more than high school student)     ¥2,000
Under high school student                 ¥1,000

General (more than junior-high school student)      ¥2,000
Under junior-high school student                free

* Arrengement about monthly dues
If it is known that can not participate in lessons more than half of a month before the beginning of the month, the membership fee can be passed. However, this month will be treated as a visitor member, not included in the years of experience.

Incidentally, more than half of a month means more than 3 times when there are 5 lessons a month, more than 2 times when the month is 4 times.


Point system



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